Headquarters (HQ):

Mia’s Favorite Hotel / Mavrovo

Mavrovo Open

Starting from 2012, Paragliding Club Condor has organized several accuracy paragliding competitions in Macedonia.

It all begun with “Gostivar Paragliding Cup 2012” and continued with “Gostivar Paragliding Cup 2013, 2014” and “Gostivar Open 2015”.
All these competitions were organized in a professional manner with lots of participants.

Starting from 2016, the whole event was transferred to the one of the most beautiful places in Macedonia, in Mavrovo.

Mavrovo and the National Park of Mavrovo, offer amazing conditions and terrain for outdoor sports especially for paragliding.

Mavrovo Open event in the past 2016, 2017, 2018, has grown to a great and joyful competition.
In 2019 we got the event on a new level promoting it to European Cup event and now we continue with the European Cup status in 2021.
This makes it one of the biggest events in paragliding in Macedonia.

Paragliding Club CONDOR

It was established in 2009 in Gostivar Macedonia by extreme sports enthusiasts and paragliding pilots.

Since its beginning, the club has been working actively in expanding paragliding, generally in the western part of the Republic of Macedonia and also has placed an enormous effort in the paragliding sport in Macedonia.

Paragliding Club Condor offers tandem flights, free flight and powered paragliding trainings for new students.

Paragliding Club CONDOR is a benchmark for paragliding in western Macedonia.

Fly high, fly safe……fly with us.


M.A. Mentor Saiti

Paragliding Club CONDOR President