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Mavrovo Open 2018

Since its beginning, Paragliding club - Condor conducted 3 successful projects that were financed by local and foreign donors, focusing on the promotion of paragliding as a form of extreme sports. In 2012, under the name “Gostivar paragliding cup 2012”, Condor organized the first international contest in precise landing. The contest was visited by 46 pilots-contestants from Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Turkey and Bulgaria. The event was widely recognized by all paragliders in Macedonia, as well as the locals. The contest took a traditional character and was held in the years to come, respectively 2013 and 2014. In June 2015, an USAID project allowed Condor to organize a big paragliding contest, named “Gostivar Open 2015”. This contest gave birth to the “Korito” flying track in Suva Gora, which was inaugurated by the Deputy US Ambassador, the Mayor of Gostivar and the president of Condor, M-r Mentor Saiti.

This year, the event will be held by the lake of Mavrovo. It will bring in pilots from across Europe and Asia as well as some of the most famous names in the acrobatic and precise paragliding. The official paragliding competition in ‘precise landing’ is organized in compliance with the strict regulations of the FAI ( Fédération Aéronautique Internationale).

In addition to the paragliding contest, a cycling tour around lake Mavrovo and an open air party wilth live bands and DJs from the region will be taking place during the event. The cycling tour and competition will include all bicycling clubs from the Republic of Macedonia along with few from the neighborhood.


Friday 27.04.2018

18.00-23.00  Hotel Mavrovo, Arrival of international guests

Saturday 28.04.2018

10.00-10.30  Ceremonial opening of Mavrovo Open 2016 at Mavrovo Stadium

11.00-15.00  Bicycling race around Lake Mavrovo. Start/Finish at the large parking area in front of “Zare Lazarevski” Ski Center

11.00-16.00  Opening round of flights with paragliders. Take off – Main ski path (single ski chairlift) | Landing target – Mavrovo Stadium.

16.00-17.00  Tandem flights for the interested parties. Taking off (with a motorized paraglider) from the location called “Kamp” by the lakeside. Acrobatic flights with a paraglider and motorized paraglider. Air stunts with a para-motor and a parachute. Tandem flights for the interested parties.

17.00–18.00   Closing of the cycling race. Announcement of winners of the bicycling race and prize awards for the cyclists.

18.00-05.00  Open air party with live bands and DJ-s “Mavrovo Open Air Party” at Mavrovo Stadium

Sunday 29.04.2018

10.00-13.00  Second round of flights with paragliders. Start at main ski path (single ski chairlift) | Landing – Mavrovo Stadium. Tandem flights for the interested parties. Air stunts with para-motor and paragliders

13.00-15.00  Third round of flights with paragliders. Start at main ski path (single ski chairlift) | landing at Mavrovo Stadium. Tandem flights for the interested parties.

15.00-16.00  Ceremonial closing of the contest and prize awards at Mavrovo Stadium

If you are a pilot and you would like to participate,
please follow the link below



Phone: +389 78 24 23 20
Phone 2: +389 71 31 71 03


International Business Park
Str. 20, No 82, Brazda, Cucer-Sandevo
1000 Skopje

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